Enjoy maths with music, stories and games

the most effective way to learn MATH

75% of Nigerian children aged 7 - 14 years can't read a simple sentence or solve a basic Maths problem.

how streetschool works


Watch animated videos, stories and music for maximum retention of important concepts and quick memory recall.


Support your child's learning at home with fun, bite-sized, easy-to-follow lessons and watch their confidence grow.


Earn rewards, experience points (XP) and certificates, and reinforce learning when you play maths games with friends and family.

a problem solving adventure

Join Safi, Roma, Nonso, Affiong and Tinuke on an extraordinary adventure in this Afro-futuristic and child-friendly series, with the YouTube premiere of Professor T.E.E and the Problem Solvers. Click the link below to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Here are some of the feedback we’ve received from problem-solvers around the world.

My twins used to struggle to
pass math and I almost gave up until their teacher introduced us to simple mathematical videos and games – now they are both studying science courses and love math very much.

– Hauwa, Nigeria

As a homeschool parent, my kids enjoy watching the music videos and stories. The animated show, Professor TEE and the problem solvers is always on repeat.

– Tosin, United Kingdom

I wish I had this during my days. It’s not too late, we all have younger ones, family and friends.

– Muhammed, Nigeria

Streetschool’s math lessons are my favourite way to learn Maths. I passed my Maths exams on the first try.

– Joshua, United Kingdom